Creating a Chart | easelly

Creating a Chart

1. Select the “chart” option


2. From the following toolbar, click & drag the desired chart type onto your canva


3. Double click it to get the chart options

4. Depending on the chart you choose, the options available are:



  • “Add” or “Remove” column - adding/removing columns
  • “Add” or “Remove” row - adding/removing rows
  • “Clear” button - clear/reset the table
  • The data table itself can be manipulated by text or values. For example, you can select the color by double-clicking it and then either select a predefined color, enter the name of the color, pick one using the color picker or even input its hex value.
  • “Import Data”- import table from a file (Google sheets, Excel…)* - selecting this will open up a prompt window asking you to provide the said file containing the data you wish to implement.

5. Hit “Save changes” and you’re done :)