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joining a group

In the last post we introduced you to "Groups" and how to go about creating a group and adding new users. In this post we want to take you through how you can join a group. There are two ways to join a group

  1. Give a user a direct link
  2. Ask the user to manually enter a Group ID

Give a user a direct link: When you select the Groups menu you should see a list of the groups you've created before, like below.


Grab the link under "Group Link" and send it to members that you'd like to add to that group. Once a user clicks the link they will be able to see all the visuals created by the group.

Manually enter a Group ID If users don't have an email address or want to join manually, select "Join a Group" - You should see the form below. infographic groups  

Enter a Group ID and select "Join", go back to "Groups" and you should now see that you've joined a new group.

Take a look at this post to Create an Infographic Group.