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ways to share

In this article I am going to take you through a number of ways you can download and share content through Easel.ly

In the image that you can see below, you can notice 4 ways to share content that are currently available; "Share by Email", "Shareable Link", "Embed Code" and "Group Share".

Share By Email: This will allow you to share your infographic with just one other person. Only the person you share the infographic will be able to reuse it. 

Shareable Link: A shareable link allows a user to both See and Reuse your infographic - The only people that can see and reuse the infographic are people who you give the link to.

Embed Code: If you would rather embed your infographic within a blog post and not have to download and upload to your blog, then "Embed Code" is the way to go.

Group Share: Probably our coolest feature. This option allows you to share an infographic that you have created with everyone in your group (see here: Creating a Group) and allow them to reuse your infographic as a template for their work. Drop and questions or concerns you have in the comments below!